Wow, it’s been a while since my last blog post! I apologize for the long wait. Things have picked up quite a bit with clients, freelance assignments, and my largest project a.t.m–opening my own store with original products! Currently, I’m working on different illustrations that will go on button sets, prints, necklaces, bags, and key-chains so if you aren’t following me on instagram already, please feel free to add my handle: msarriadraws. I’ve been showing sneak peeks and snippets of the artwork on the horizon. ^_^

For now, I’d like to talk about the most loved-hated (some feel industry created) holiday going. As someone who was neither mushy nor romantic as a child, I always saw Valentine’s as a pastel-centric day of cute candies and cards to give to friends reminding them of how awesome they are. When it came to love, I was never one to admit to my crush that I liked them. In fact, quite the opposite! I would act very mean or coldly to the person, in hopes that the negative laser-focused attention would make the boy figure out “hey maybe she DOES like me-like me!” Ah the mind of a kid is a mysterious one! One of my favorite cartoons growing up was ‘Hey Arnold!’ created by Craig Bartlett which aired on Nickelodeon back in the mid-90s. Helga Pataki was a character I could relate to in regards to how I would act around a boy I liked in my grammar school days. It was always hilarious and fun to see all the zany situations and predicaments she would get into for the sake of Arnold’s affections. As endearing as all the H.A episodes were, my favorite hands-down was the Valentine’s day episode, which was so sweet and adorable! Naturally, when it came time to pick an illustration to create for a Val post I chose to depict the duo! I decided to interpret Helga daydreaming of her football-headed prince in my own stylization, which Craig gave a like on instagram, making me one very happy, giddy fan-girl!

Hope you all enjoy it!

Helga- Hey Arnold

Helga clutching her locket and daydreaming


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