In memory of Lauren Bacall

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I was sincerely shocked when hearing about Robin Williams’ suicide through social media a few days ago. It was as if a piece of my childhood went with him, he was a wonderful entertainer; I grew up with most of his movies and tv shows. But the double whammy came a day later when one of my favorite Hollywood silver screen stars, Lauren Bacall, passed away as well. I had been meaning to actually write a blog post about her and my top movie titles of hers such as How to Marry a Millionaire, To Have and Have Not, and Written on the Wind. She was not only a fabulous actress but her sultry looks, tall thin frame, and deep raspy voice came to embody the 1940s signature film noir vixen. Interestingly enough, Bacall mentions in an interview that her trademark voice is a result of a combination of straining low-pitch tones in order to win thriller/mystery roles and excessive smoking. The effects of both caused permanent damage to her actual voice into what most recognize her by today.

In memory of the wonderful star, I decided to do a stylized, minimalistic pin-up of Ms. Bacall. May she RIP and I’m sure Bogie is whistling at her “Baby” as we speak. ^_^

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Stylized portrait of Lauren Bacall




Been feeling nostalgic lately and picked up a couple of CDs from one of my fav bands Pizzicato Five. They were well known in Japan and overseas for popularizing a new sound in the late 90’s called Shibuya-kei which combined 60s pop, bossa nova, and electronica tunes. The manga/anime Detroit Metal City made a huge jab at the genre by having the main protagonist Soichi don a mushroom cut, nerdy hipster clothes, with the aspirations of making it big as a “trendy pop” singer. Despite the fad kitschyness, I have fond memories of listening to “Twiggy Twiggy” and “Triste” as a kid via my older friend’s mixed tapes. Watching the music videos after soo many years I couldn’t help but want to draw the lovely Maki Nomiya; accompanied by stylized minis of K-Taro and Konishi-san.

Miss Maki Nomiya of Pizzicato Five, with K-Taro and Konishi.

Miss Maki Nomiya of Pizzicato Five, with K-Taro and Konishi.

Lately I’ve been on a crazy 50-60s movie binge thanks to my Roku! As a big fan of everything  mid-century modern and mod design, there’s the obvious eye candy in old flicks like costume design, set, furniture, and appliance that keeps my eyes darting around the screen. And no movies make my creative heart beat more than Audrey Hepburn classics like Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and My Fair Lady.

And as a fashion-crazy artist chicklet, it may sound cliché to say that one of my favorite actresses from this era is Audrey Hepburn. It’s not just her charms and grace on/off screen, but her sense of personal style and love of simple elegance is something I can really relate to. I’m not big on fads, I tend to like what I like and what fits my personality and mood that day. A philosophy Ms. Hepburn carried with her and was known for– being true to one’s self. Now how can anyone guy or gal argue with that? ^_~

A cool and elegant Audrey carrying her speedy bag.

A cool and elegant Audrey carrying her speedy bag.


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