I absolutely love ’80s movies and tv shows! My friends have often joked I should have been born much much earlier given how much of the music, colors, dress, and designs I admire! One of my absolute favs is the dark comedy “Heathers” starring Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer.

While most can quote “Sixteen Candles” and “Princess Bride” like no one’s business I’m more inclined to the bitter and sardonic wit Christian Slater and Winona Ryder spout through-out “Heathers” instead.

Winona Ryder as sassy Veronica Sawyer from Heathers

Veronica Sawyer from Heathers


In memory of Lauren Bacall

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I was sincerely shocked when hearing about Robin Williams’ suicide through social media a few days ago. It was as if a piece of my childhood went with him, he was a wonderful entertainer; I grew up with most of his movies and tv shows. But the double whammy came a day later when one of my favorite Hollywood silver screen stars, Lauren Bacall, passed away as well. I had been meaning to actually write a blog post about her and my top movie titles of hers such as How to Marry a Millionaire, To Have and Have Not, and Written on the Wind. She was not only a fabulous actress but her sultry looks, tall thin frame, and deep raspy voice came to embody the 1940s signature film noir vixen. Interestingly enough, Bacall mentions in an interview that her trademark voice is a result of a combination of straining low-pitch tones in order to win thriller/mystery roles and excessive smoking. The effects of both caused permanent damage to her actual voice into what most recognize her by today.

In memory of the wonderful star, I decided to do a stylized, minimalistic pin-up of Ms. Bacall. May she RIP and I’m sure Bogie is whistling at her “Baby” as we speak. ^_^

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Stylized portrait of Lauren Bacall



Retail therapy kitty

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One of the ways I enjoy de-stressing or breaking from a nasty case of artist block is to go out and window shop. Not only does it relax me but seeing all the hot trends, patterns, and colors always seems to spark new ideas and images! Unfortunateeeelllyy… sometimes not only does my brain go ‘OOooo’ but so do my grubby hands. Almost always leading to a heavy sigh later on from my wallet lol!  But for those 1st few minutes I totally feel like this cute kitty below!

A very happy purchase!

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