I absolutely love ’80s movies and tv shows! My friends have often joked I should have been born much much earlier given how much of the music, colors, dress, and designs I admire! One of my absolute favs is the dark comedy “Heathers” starring Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer.

While most can quote “Sixteen Candles” and “Princess Bride” like no one’s business I’m more inclined to the bitter and sardonic wit Christian Slater and Winona Ryder spout through-out “Heathers” instead.

Winona Ryder as sassy Veronica Sawyer from Heathers

Veronica Sawyer from Heathers


Rumiko Takahashi Tribute Exhibit

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It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to sit and write for the blog but things have been busy with various freelance assignments and gearing up to open my online store with original products. If you haven’t had a chance, follow me on instagram for sneak peeks into the process and artwork that will soon be available for sale. ^_~
Last post I blogged about submitting a illustration for a Ranma zine collective. Today, I am really excited to share another piece I was fortunate enough to contribute as homage to the series. I was able to participate in a Rumiko Takahashi Tribute Show curated by Q-Pop shop/gallery in beautiful downtown Los Angeles.
As a huge fangirl of Rumiko-sensei’s works, I was beyond elated and totally pumped! Due to shipping time (since I’m on the East coast) I only had a day to work on the painting once I was admitted into the gallery show. Because of the time crunch, didn’t get many photos of my process as I would have liked. The artwork illustrates some of the tricks Shampoo exercised in the show to entrap Ranma to her– which includes her formula 119 shampoo, love pills bracelet, curse of reversal jewel, hypnotic dumplings, instant Nannichuan powder, and her red-string of fate. A few of them are items a hardcore Ranma fan would catch lol!

The piece is a combination of copic markers, acrylic, gouache, ink, and color pencils.

Inking in the lines and laying down color.

Inking in the lines and laying down color.

Here are some photos of the opening of the exhibit at Q-pop in Little Tokyo, courtesy of my talented friend Miss Kika, who also has a gorgeous Lum piece in the show!

One of the exhibit walls.

One of the exhibit walls.



Some of the 3D pieces and prints at the show.



Me and my friends, Miss Kika and Messy Pink with our pieces on same wall! woohoo!



My Shampoo piece at the exhibit!

The Rumiko Takahashi tribute show at Q-pop gallery is open from Sept. 19th – Oct. 11th 2015.

**Update: The Shampoo painting found a home all the way in the Netherlands. Thank you Alex!**


Shampoo’s Tangles and Ruses

Today, I decided to go a different route and do a fun mash-up of anime magical girls and their respective mascots in honor of AX this year. I’m so psyched to be going after not being able to for so many years, and even more excited to see my friends who are traveling all the way from overseas! It’ll be nice to hang out and check out the booths at the con. Crossing my fingers and hoping to bring home some pieces from the brands Swankiss and kokoKim and picking up a print or two! Since my blog can only allow so much real estate I took the liberty of including a larger image in case you click to see it bigger.

☆☆Polar opposite magical girls ☆☆

☆☆Polar opposite magical girls ☆☆


Retail therapy kitty

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One of the ways I enjoy de-stressing or breaking from a nasty case of artist block is to go out and window shop. Not only does it relax me but seeing all the hot trends, patterns, and colors always seems to spark new ideas and images! Unfortunateeeelllyy… sometimes not only does my brain go ‘OOooo’ but so do my grubby hands. Almost always leading to a heavy sigh later on from my wallet lol!  But for those 1st few minutes I totally feel like this cute kitty below!

A very happy purchase!

Been feeling nostalgic lately and picked up a couple of CDs from one of my fav bands Pizzicato Five. They were well known in Japan and overseas for popularizing a new sound in the late 90’s called Shibuya-kei which combined 60s pop, bossa nova, and electronica tunes. The manga/anime Detroit Metal City made a huge jab at the genre by having the main protagonist Soichi don a mushroom cut, nerdy hipster clothes, with the aspirations of making it big as a “trendy pop” singer. Despite the fad kitschyness, I have fond memories of listening to “Twiggy Twiggy” and “Triste” as a kid via my older friend’s mixed tapes. Watching the music videos after soo many years I couldn’t help but want to draw the lovely Maki Nomiya; accompanied by stylized minis of K-Taro and Konishi-san.

Miss Maki Nomiya of Pizzicato Five, with K-Taro and Konishi.

Miss Maki Nomiya of Pizzicato Five, with K-Taro and Konishi.

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