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(Client: Stickeroni) A really cute pack of glittery stickers I illustrated with different forest critters.

(Client: Stickeroni) Retro cute bunny and chick sprinkled with fun design elements for a pack of Easter stickers.

(Client: Stickeroni) These were scratch n sniff chocolate bunnies created for an Easter line of stickers.

(Client: Keepsakes) The sassy, teen girl angel was a Christmas ornament concept I created, illustrated, and developed.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) A colorful sound book I illustrated about an Asian boy and his pet parrot enjoying a parade in the park.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) Sample pages from “Danny’s Day Out” book: Here Danny is getting ready to head out with Lucky.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) Based on the famous song, “Monster Mash,” this Halloween book was so well-received it was republished a second time as a sound book.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) Sample pages from “Monster Mash” book: Here Frankenstein's monster does his monster mash dance.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) A baby book showing different kinds of hugs parents give their little ones. The character designs were based on plush that were already made beforehand.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) Sample pages from “Hug Me!” book: Here Mama Koala is giving baby a comfort hug after his boo boo.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) One of the larger projects I have been involved in included creating and developing a fresh interactive plush to Hallmark’s line of story buddies.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) The first book for the Posey line I illustrated. This one centers on Posey and her brother playing in their tree house.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) Sample pages from “Posey and the Princess Castle” book: Here Posey is annoyed that Cub refuses to play the part of the wizard.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) In this second Posey book in the series, I had the chance to create more characters by introducing her gal pals.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) Sample pages from “Posey Saves the Day” book: Here the girls are enjoying a chat before school starts.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) The girly gang all decide to play make believe pop stars but end up chasing frogs in the yard by the end.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) Sample pages from “Posey and the Purrfect Song” book: Here Posey stumbles after failing to catch a frog.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) For this book an attachment was included for the plush, in this case, a pair of girly mice slippers I provided concept sketches for.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Books) Sample pages from “Posey and the Prairie Pioneers” book: Here the girls put up the tent for their camp-out.

(Client: Walgreens) A traditional adult-cute birthday card illustrated exclusively for a Walgreens offering.

(Client: Hallmark Gift Wrap) A sports car box I illustrated where you can place a giftcard inside the hood. I decided to make the undercarriage so a kid can play with the box afterwards as a toy.

(Client: AG Cards) A sweet die-cut, foil birthday girl card in my retro kawaii stylization.

(Client: Clever Factory) Baby die-cut board book featuring a cute hedgehog and his adventures throughout the day.

(Client: Stickeroni) Large Easter bunny dress up stickers that kids can customize and decorate their window with.

(Client: Stickeroni) A XL build-your-own skeleton sticker set for kids to decorate their walls/windows with.

(Client: Hallmark Cards) Mother's Day card I created using lineart with spots of color for the main illustration and foil lettering (it photographed as black but is hot pink foil.)

(Client: Walmart) Illustrated several bold Christmas giftbag designs for an exclusive line for Walmart. A few of my designs were chosen for the line.

(Client: Stickeroni) Halloween Kids epoxy stickers with cute ghosts in various poses.

This section is a sampling of some of the published products I have provided artwork for.

Artwork by Maria Sarria | © 2013-2016

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